Zap Permanent Jewelry

Come Get Zapped With Below The Blue

What is Zapping

Zapping is where we custom fit and weld a bracelet, anklet or necklace directly on to you. This means that your jewelry is custom fit to your self, with no clasp, and should require no maintenance. It's there to sparkle & shine and make you happy! Though we like to think of these pieces as permanent, they can simply (but permanently) be taken off with cutters.'ZAP' refers to the flash you see when you get a jewelry piece welded onto you.

Below The Blue offers a wide range of chains to choose from

We carry gold filled, rose gold filled & sterling silver chains

Zapping is offered in our Shop with no appointment necessary. During store hours only.

If you plan on getting zapped with a large party just send us a message for a heads up :)

Have questions about Zapping, Zap Parties or Damages?

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